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Creativity is whenever...

Brainstorming whatever, whenever, and wherever the opportunity arises is critically important to the creative thinker. That is why; you must constantly encourage one another to hone the edges of your creative talents and abilities until razor sharp. The more you love what you do, (We are allowed to draw outside the lines), the more important it becomes that you keep the whetstone nearby and at the ready. Because you never know when those creative synapses will fire off a stroke of genius or regurgitate some sort of five day old leftover from the back corner of the gray matter (Yeah that one, in the moldy Tupperware behind the meatloaf), and those sparks can and will fade if not cherished accordingly.

So you must be ready to act with pen, No.2 pencil, sharpie, crayon, keystroke, or you could take twenty-seven, eight-by-ten, color glossy pictures, with circles and arrows, and a paragraph on the back of each one, or you could just use a bathroom mirror. (yes, I have memorized Alice's Restaurant in three-part harmony.) Regardless of the medium, creativity waits for no one and it does not know which time zone you are in either. So, take it as it comes, in 1080i HD, in brilliant life like color, or in fuzzy, low resolution, b&w with rabbit ears covered in tinfoil. Just don't forget to dream!

Dr. T Daryl Hawkins PhD

Great American: Dr. Hawkins, Walter Reed Legend Retires

Dreamfaction Creative Services was recently contacted to create a fairly simple retirement ceremony brochure for Dr. T Daryl Hawkins PhD. Now why this project wasn't very complex, we mention it here to simply say thank you and to recognize Dr, Hawkins' 46 years of dedicated, selfless service to Walter Reed, and our country.

Dr. T Daryl Hawkins PhD federal career at Walter Reed Army Medical Center spans 46 years. He entered federal service on Sept. 1, 1965, as a 24-year-old research assistant in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). During his 17-year research career at WRAIR, he progressed to Research Associate then to Senior Psychologist and ultimately to Chief of the Behavioral Biology Laboratory. His research included studies of the effects of ionizing radiation, microwave irradiation, electrical brain stimulation, and alcohol and drug consumption on animal behavior. His collaborative studies resulted in over 40 published papers and professional presentations.

For Dr. Hawkins, the quote by Donald McGannon, which is posted near his computer, has been perhaps the most inspiring and useful for his professional efforts: “Leadership is Action, Not Position”.

Mosaic Medical Logo

Expansion of Services, the Technology of Healthcare.

Dreamfaction Creative Services recently completed several projects with Mosaic Data Services including corporate identity, brand positioning, and website design and development. These projects launched Mosaic Data Services newest division focused exclusively on healthcare associated technology services — Mosaic Medical and Healthcare Services.

Effectively tapping the rapidly expanding markets brought on by healthcare reform, the service offerings at Mosaic Medical provide the means for insurance providers, hospitals, medical practices, and physicians to transfer all of their current and future patient's medical records, employee scheduling, and financial/insurance transactions into a secure and fully digital online environment. These new services allow doctors as well as their patients access to all of this vital information online and in real-time or during emergency scenarios. The additional benefits of time and monetary savings for all is just the beginning of the many welcomed side-effects for the future of these technology driven healthcare services.